Developing kardboard

Using Vagrant

The way to develop on kardboard is via Vagrant , powered by the included Puppet files.

Default setup

# Get the source, using your own fork most likely
git clone

cd kardboard
vagrant up
# ...wait...
vagrant ssh
touch kardboardve/src/kardboard/kardboard-local.cfg
source kardboardve/bin/activate
cd kardboardve/src/kardboard
py.test kardboard

You now have a fully functional kardboard application running under production like environment.

vagrant ssh
sudo supervisorctl restart all

Development server

Testing against a production like environment is all well and good for you, like vegetables. But during development you’ll likely want something tastier, like cookies, or a auto-reloading web server.

vagrant ssh
export KARDBOARD_SETTINGS=/vagrant/kardboard-local.cfg
cd /home/vagrant/kardboardve/
source bin/activate
python src/kardboard/kardboard/

The application is now available at http://localhost:5000/ from your host machine.